Hey Wonderful Creative Folks!

Guess what is in this little wrapped up accordion book?   Believe it or not it is a BUSINESS PLAN for my Lighted Path™ Coaching Biz!

THE RIGHT-BRAIN BUSINESS PLAN®, a book by Jennifer Lee of Artizen Coaching is the backdrop of THE RIGHT-BRAIN BUSINESS PLAN® WORKSHOP is held at Lighted Path™ Coaching Art Studio in Raleigh, NC!  This workshop is for creative entrepreneurs, both Right Brain and Left Brain folks who want to take their business forward or develop a business doing what they love!!

You may be a big vision person with ideas for products and services or a small business entrepreneur, dreaming of new avenues and adventures to make your business known to the world.  You may use your creativity in a business or want to develop a business, but are not sure where to start. Maybe you would like to to move your biz forward no matter what you do.  You might be more attuned to the Right Brain big ideas and less sure how to handle the Left Brain details. You may just want to work on one aspect of your business or several projects, but need a focused time to do so.

Attending the Right-Brain Business Plan® Workshop could be one of the best investments toward more clarity and focus in entrepreneurship. This workshop helps you move into inspired action!

Remember small steps are the best steps.  And if you are more Right-Brained in your approach to business, no worries, you CAN do this!!!! Even if you are more Left-Brained, you may need some help putting a business plan together.  In the Right-Brain Business Plan® Workshop, you will cover areas such as crafting your Business Vision and Values, seeing your Business Landscape, Getting the Word out with Marketing, Managing the Moola, Corralling your Supportive Cohorts, and Action Planning.


Here are the Right-Brain Parts of the business plan that give you vision and purpose.

And here are the Left Brain details that keep you focused and able to get things done, moving your biz forward.



It takes both sides of your brain to come up with a great business plan.  You might as well have fun doing it!  That is the hallmark of the RIGHT-BRAIN BUSINESS PLAN®!  A fun and creative way to learn real life strategies in entrepreneurship.

Come join the excitement and take home a real business plan for your creative business!

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Dr. Susan Miller

Dr. Susan Miller

Susan Miller, PhD, LPCS, NCC is a Psychotherapist, Certified Creativity Coach, Certified Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coach, Entrepreneur & Life Coach offers counseling, coaching & creativity workshops that light the path of your life journey through Lighted Path™ Coaching and Miller Counseling Services, PC Along with having 30+ years of counseling, coaching, and group facilitation experience, Susan is a life-time trained artist with a special interest in painting, mixed media and fabric art.