Dougal By Susan MillerI took a walk today. I looked at my big fluffy puppy, Dougal, and said “We both need to move…let’s go!” So we did. Simply, easily, mindfully we took a walk around my neighborhood.

“Yes that was simple.” I thought as I rounded the corner coming up to the little pond at the golf course. Yes, this feels real good…and Dougal agreed. I soaked in deep breaths, grateful that this….is always available to me. I can get out of my chair and go outside. I can move….filled with gratefulness. I can breathe deeply…grateful for life.

As we came along to our front yard at the finish of our luscious simple walk, dragonflies greeted us…BIG blue dragonflies. Dougal went into the backyard and did his “after our walk” ritual foot-washing in his plastic play pool. Then he went back for a double dip; I suppose because we had walked a bit further today than before to build up our muscles!

Dragon Fly By Susan Miller

I had gone from complaining about how I just cannot seem to get a walk in my day, to singing I DID!! Simple? Yes, but moving in the out of doors has been one of those things I resist. I do not know why because I crave it. Hmmm…maybe I will grab a pen and journal about that and find out some deeper stuff going on with me.

Forest Glade

My takeaway and message to you today? Just do it. The simple things. The things you crave in your life. Take one step and do it. For me it is movement, health and strength right now. This was my Kaizen Step…one small step and yes, it may just lead to another small step and then more than likely to a larger step. This is how we move out of resistance and mindfully realize we have all we need all around us…If we will look for dragonflies we will find them.

So what is it that you are resisting?

I invite you to ask yourself these small questions:

What is one small simple doable step that I can take to mindfully and easily move thru this resistance? What can I do right now to make this easier for me?

Here is a play sheet to learn more about Kaizen – the way of small steps! Enjoy.

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