Something has been stirring in my heart lately as I journey into the first couple of months of 2017.  I am noticing the importance of Story…our Stories…specifically for women, our Stories of the Feminine Soul.

With the news of the upcoming June birth of my grand-daughter, Emma Catherine, I have been shifting into what being a grandmother means to me.  I have felt the rising of that motherhood voice in my throat again, gently having me look into my soul for answers…  Will I be able to be good enough?  For my daughter, for my son-in-law, for my little grand baby girl?  How do I prepare my heart, my life and body for this journey? How do I make room for this new little person?

I began an inner walk, alongside myself, thinking of my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, even my ancestor, a Scottish mother-soul who came to America before the Civil War to settle in the Lumbee River area in North Carolina with her preacher husband. I have become curious about their Stories…and how those relate to my Story, my journey into the Feminine Soul.

I remember one that my mother told me about my great – grandmother, Emma Johnson. In the late 1800’s, she was the wife of a South Carolinian circuit judge who was rarely home. She ran the home completely on her own. In fact she gave birth to my grandmother by herself and even cut the umbilical cord with a pair of sewing scissors.

me and aliceI have great respect for this independent, very strong spiritual Jesus loving woman. She had an awesome way of dealing with feeling overwhelmed by all of the children and work as a mom and keeper of the home. She used to go out in the cabbage patch (the garden) hide from the kids, and scream at the top of her lungs…truly spectacular to think about!! I can relate to this…and remembered what I used to do when as a mom, things would drive me nuts…I would go in my bedroom, watch the birds and sob! Now I go out in my chicken coop and watch the girls and have a wonderful time cackling and singing with them. Hmmm…I wish I had chickens back then! Now I have chicken stories to share with my grand-daughter!

Art-Making, Spending time with Nature and the Creator, and my Story as a Child, Maiden, Mother, and Healer are helping me understand the depth of the Feminine Soul, as I walk alongside myself drawing from these sources.

Unearthing Story helps me to see and feel the importance of my life and calling. By listening to the Stories that I remember about my grandmother, mother and those I read about my ancestor, I can see the thread of the same female journey weaving into my soul, my very fiber.  This in turn helps me to find answers to my questions and ease my soul’s fears.

All of this is bubbling up for me as I create my first 6 week e-course: Wise Woman: An Artful Journey Into the Feminine Soul set to start in June 2017 with my dear artist colleague, Lezette Marham of Simply Art, LLC.  To bring it even more excitement and meaning for me personally, June is the same month my grand baby is set to come into this world.  It all feels connected!  All a part of my Story.


What about your Story?  I invite you to open up to curiosity about your Story, your journey into the Feminine.  What is it telling you?  How are you growing and learning through the seasons of your life?  What lessons have you learned from your feminine heritage and your female sisterhood?  What have you taught others?  What resources do you find help you connect with your Story?

Your Feminine Soul Story is very important and unique in this world. Your presence is so valuable.  I invite you to begin exploring this idea.

Look for the journey to begin in April as Lezette and I share our Seven Day Journey Into the Feminine Soul, a free bite-sized week of inspiration to help you tap into art, nature and expressing your Feminine Soul!

More to come….

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