There is a deep knowing in our Feminine Soul which guides us in our life journey. This Wise Woman of our Feminine Soul carries us through, walks beside us and shows us direction, primal and instinctual, through our creative intuition.

Our Feminine Soul is there all the way through, learning as a child, maiden, mother and finally an elder woman…all of these hearing the call of the Wise Woman inside. Confidence comes from knowing our story in this life, co-creating with other women, opening up to our creative side, listening to what the Creator teaches us, and making our journeys as “artful” as we can!

One of these joy-filled wise women is my artist friend and collaborator, Lezette Markham of Simply Art, LLC. Lezette will be sharing about her Wise Woman story of becoming a new mom and following her dream of artful entrepreneurship. She will also share about our upcoming e-course Wise Woman: An Artful Journey Into the Feminine Soul opening in June 2017.

It is an honor to introduce this beautiful mother soul who is truly an artful Wise Woman in Action. Let her inspire you to listen to your Wise Woman and take action to live the life your life with confidence, ease and passion.

And if you keep reading you will find a special gift just for you to inspire your Feminine Soul! And it is awesome!

Wise Woman in Action
By Lezette Markham of Simply Art |

Today I breathe in the kinetic energy from the birth of my now 6-month-old son, Kai Bodhi. Constant motion and the moving parts of life can sometimes pull the roots out from under us and we become in need of some grounding. I am certainly no exception to this rule.

As a new mom, I experience high-level energy that requires a solid and wise foundation.  I adore the playful energy that my son brings to my life and It reminds me that as women we can all experience different phases of life at different ages and sometimes multiple phases all at once. What phases am I referring to, you ask?

Well, the lovely Susan Miller and I believe there are four phases of a woman’s precious life. The four phases are the:

  • Child Soul
  • Wild Soul
  • Mother Soul
  • Winged Soul

Launching early June, is a collaborative e-course between Susan and me, Wise Woman: An Artful Journey Into The Feminine Soul. In this e-course, we’re going to dive deep into the feminine soul using humble musings, nature-inspired art projects, guided meditations, and other creative mediums for a full exploration of the phases above. It is content-rich with lessons that will encourage and inspire your Feminine Soul into artful expression.  (More information on how to sign up to come this Spring.)


These beautiful phases of a woman’s soul are less dependent upon the age of a woman and more attached to the experiences and heartfelt psyche of the mind. I’m currently deep into the Child, Wild & Mother Soul. All three phases mixing together in an alchemy potion of MOM!

I’ve always dedicated myself to the childlike practice of play that I believe sees me through all the tough times. The child soul is grounded in PLAY and I’m really good at playing, at least I thought I was. Then came my son Kai, and my idea of play was put to shame. He has shown me the true meaning of play and I am entirely grateful for his lessons. How enlightening to have a 6-month-old teacher. I embrace it all. As I build a life for him where I believe he will thrive I find myself in the Wild Soul phase. My Wild Soul siren’s me to travel and I heed the siren’s call.

Travel is my way of bringing my family together as I build a heart-centered and financially stable business that will create an environment of love, security, and creativity for my son. Working abroad will allow my son to grow with an open heart and mind, teach resilience and give him the ability to adapt. All of these values I hold near and dear to my heart. To kick off this BIG and worthy lifestyle goal of working abroad I’ve started a Kickstarter campaign called Project Geo Freedom – An Artful Journey.

Artist Journal eBookThis Kickstarter gives you the opportunity join me in an artful adventure as I paint, film & photograph on the coast of South Africa. For backing my project you will receive artful rewards such as a Multi-Media Digital Book filled with all the artwork I will create in South Africa, photography and video. There are also rewards that include prints, print canvases and even original works of art. Each backer will be given the chance to have a direct input on the art and adventure by voting on color combinations, places of interest to film and much more.

I won’t just be taking from my travels but also giving back. I hope to meet other women entrepreneurs so I can use my techie skills to help them share their gifts with the world and I’ll be donating all my art supplies to an art and healing organization when I leave.

If you want to join me on this epic journey, enjoy the artful reward goods or simply allow me to inspire your BIG dream, please visit my Kickstarter page here and become a backer.

I’m so appreciative to Susan for allowing me to join you and for your time reading this article that I would like to offer you a FREE gift with purchase for pledging to the Kickstarter campaign. I will gift you An Artful Breath Inspiration Card from An Artful Breath Card Deck for any pledge you give.

  1. Simply make your pledge on Kickstarter (Any Reward Level)
  2. Forward the pledge receipt to me at with your mailing address
and I’ll send you your free card. Super simple!

The artful breath card will have an original work of art from me and a mindful prompt from Sheila Pai, of a Living Family. The card makes for a beautiful altar card, journaling prompt or mindful gift.

I look forward to having you join me for Project Geo Freedom and I hope to see you all in the summer for Wise Woman  – An Artful Journey Into The Feminine Soul.



Lezette Markham |
Artist Entrepreneur & Heart-Centered Techie

FREE GIFT of Inspiration for YOU!!

Wise Woman Creative Journey

Did you know your journey as a woman has the power to ignite confidence, wisdom, joy and freedom within?

Your story is full of rich experiences from Child to Elder.

As women, we can get bogged down with the day to day and feel as though we have lost ourselves in all the many hats we wear.  We can get caught up in the burdens that come with the many life transitions, losing touch with our grace, ease and passion.

Our Feminine Soul is always present, always available for us.  We need only to turn to her for the wisdom of the many women in before us, and now in us.  She is there in all creation, showing us the Creator’s loving care for us through the moon, sun and stars and weather of the skies, birds and insects or the air, the animals and plants of the earth and the wildlife of the beautiful waters.

We have access to Feminine wisdom every day which can guide us with strength, mercy and strong purpose.  For women, it is incredibly important for us to take time to draw on the inner resources of our Feminine Soul and listen to our Wise Woman.

Do you feel a yearning toward a deeper understanding of yourself as a woman, a sense that something seems to be missing…something creative, passionate and connected to the very spiritual nature of who you are?

We want to gift you with something special, a simple practice of connection with your Feminine Soul that you can visit over and over again. Lezette and I believe that creative connection is so powerful, that we have created for you, dear one, a free week long series: Wise Woman: Seven Day Creative Journey which begins April 1st.  

Using the magical practice of art journaling, you will enjoy seven days of creative prompts, meditations and tutorials inspiring written and art expression as a way to touch your Feminine Soul and reconnect with your Wise Woman story.

After you complete this seven day journey you will have a bite-sized artful practice to connect with your inner Wise Woman on a daily basis, which allows you to begin to journey along side yourself, drawing from your inner creative resources.

We would love to have you to accept our gift of the Wise Woman: Seven Day Creative Journey starting April 1st and allow us to inspire you along your feminine path.

Register here and you will be on your way!

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