God speaks to me profoundly through Nature. Plain and simple.

Some folks say that you can only know Divine guidance through the Bible, listening to a sermon or inspirational teaching, going to church or temple services, praying a certain way or time of day, doing yoga or meditation regularly, or following spiritual rituals in a certain order, and so on.  Those ways are important ways, as well, for us to have spiritual well-being! It is just that there are other ways to hear the whispers of God. I don’t want us to miss something that is available for us every minute of the day…the beautiful out-of-doors, the natural world around us, Creation.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote: “Earth’s crammed with heaven and every common bush afire with God. But only he who sees takes off his shoes. The rest sit round it and pick blackberries.”

Feather on lake

There are many ways to hear the message of guidance in our souls, as we are spiritual beings. We have the capacity to hear messages from our own stories that lead us on the path of life. Through this spiritual capacity, our intuition/heart/soul, we have the ability to connect with a Living Force that opens us up to Truth.

There are some people who are naturally attuned to hearing Nature when it speaks Truth.  It is like that for me, where I need only to mindfully contemplate the butterfly or hear a crow cawing that it opens that door immediately. In fact, this attunement is my primary way of spiritual connection. Gary Thomas, the author of Sacred Pathways: Discover Your Soul’s Path to God, calls the people whose primary way of spiritual attunement Naturalists.  

This gift of Nature and it’s messages available to all of us. If we really want to open up this lovely gift, we need only to turn our eyes and thoughts in that direction.  We really do not have to search too hard. We can learn easily to attune to Divine connection through Nature every day!

Gary Thomas shares these steps becoming awakened to the Wisdom of God through Nature:

  1. Believe: Seek the Creator behind the creation. Believe there is a Life Force behind all of Nature.  
  2. Perceive: Saint Bonaventure, a follower of Francis of Assisi’s, describes the ways to open up to this way of thinking. He said to “first consider the greatness of creation – mountains, sky, and oceans – that clearly portray the immensity of the power, wisdom, and goodness…” of the Creator. Then, “look at the whole of creation, the depth and width and awesome intricate details of each part of the created earth, sky, and waters.”

”Those who wonder how God can hear so many prayers uttered simultaneously have been out of the forest too long.” ~Gary Chapman


Fall colors

Lastly, Saint Bonaventure spoke of examining the beauty of creation – of the shapes, colors, individual elements and composition as if it was a painting.  

“God’s beauty cannot be revealed through one form, but is so vast and infinite it can fill an entire world with wonder.” Gary Chapman

  1. Receive: Get out in Nature, and be open to the messages that may come forth.  Leave your agenda in the house and just be, allowing your heart to ponder the nuances of your experience.  If you are not open you will not see it, unless you happen to run into an elephant!  To receive, you must release your grip. Nature will help you do this, so just get out there and soak it up.  

Read this article about the scientific benefits of being out in Nature.

Walk in the woods, sit on a rock, dabble your toes in the water, pick up sea shells on the beach, close your eyes and listen to the birds, or just feel the wind on your face. These are the ways of Nature that give us connection to God/Divine/Spirit as we tune in.

You were made for this journey, already equipped to be a spiritual being.  You just have to get outside and open up the gift!

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”  Matthew 7:7 NIV Holy Bible

Enjoy the fresh air!

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