Yoga will open up your mind/body/spirit to the possibilities;
The brush will take you the rest of the way. 

No experience in art or yoga necessary!


It’s happening this summer, and it’s happening for you.

During our 3 days together you will connect with your intuition through inspirational yoga practices, intuitive soul art & painting, communing in nature and connecting with the most amazing women you can imagine.

Sounds amazing, yes? Keep reading. There’s more.

Sharon Tessandori will be facilitating yoga for all levels, ages, sizes, and shapes. Don’t worry if you’re “good enough” (trust me, you are). Susan Miller will guide you in Intuitive Soul Painting and mixed media art-making. Don’t worry if you’re not creative enough (again, we think you are).

In between your sessions will be time for you to nurture yourself in the ways you most need. Read a book under a shade tree. Take an afternoon swim. Go for a hike. Journal in one of many gorgeous areas. Take a nap.

Sheila PaintingPainting by Sheila Pai: 2015 Retreat Guest

This Is Your Time. You Get To Choose.

Space is limited for this retreat. So if your heart is saying YesYesYes then we would love to share this special experience with you.

What’s included:

  • 3 days of retreat inspiration. Thursday- Sunday June 25-28 2020
  • Accommodations for three nights. You’ll enjoy a single room complete with a sink and mirror, a glider rocking chair, a desk with chair and a twin bed. Restrooms are shared.
  • Nine delicious meals & yummy snacks during sessions.
  • Mindfulness & yogic practices including gentle yoga, walking meditation, and reflection
  • Intuitive soul painting, mixed media & creative art journaling (You will receive a journal and some other goodies. Some really cool art supplies will be provided to play with. You will have a simple supply list for what supplies you will need to bring such as paints, stencil, painting substrates, brushes, pens, etc.)
  • Reflective and fun ways to get in touch with your Intuitive Soul.
  • Endless inspiration and opportunities for joy!

Do you dream of spending several sparkling creative days on nestled in a woodland lake area, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, deepening your connection to your Intuitive Soul? If you haven’t allowed yourself to dream…take a minute… shut your eyes and imagine…It is happening this summer, just for you!

Do you yearn to silence the inner critic, quiet your monkey mind, and breathe in peacefulness? This type of calmness brain reboot is available for you when you experience yoga, creativity and listening to your Heart at your own retreat.

Do you seek inspiration for your life, to play creatively through painting and art-making, to romp in the pasture, dip your feet in a cool mountain lake, hang out in nature, and learn to connect to your soul, body and spirit through gentle and healthful yoga practice?

This joyful experience is available for you at The Intuitive Soul Art & Yoga Retreat

Here is your chance… 

  • to unwind,
  • find inner calm,
  • restore energy
  • renew your life perspective
  • play with paint & make beautiful artwork

In this retreat, you will connect with your intuitive creative spirit in a beautiful mountain setting through inspirational yoga practices, mindfulness nature experiences and intuitive soul painting.

Take a break from your busy life and listen to your Intuitive Soul
who can teach you:

  • what you need
  • how to live the life you want
  • how to create some creative awesomeness

Retreat 2014 Group Photo


Yoga will open up your mind to the possibilities and the
brush will take you the rest of the way.

Your Retreat Guides, Sharon Tessandori and Susan Miller will be facilitating gentle, restorative and mindful yoga, Intuitive Soul Painting and mixed media art-making interspersed with quiet reflective time, goat walks, nature connection and free time exploring some of Asheville’s offerings if you wish.

You will experience reflective, energizing and fun ways to get in touch with your Heart, Soul and Spirit. You will be nourished with good food, enjoy connection with other like-minded women AND yourself, take a nature walks and experience the warm glow of a campfire circle at night.

Your retreat brings with it possibilities, refreshment and a deepened awareness of your authentic self that you will take home with you!