Opening the Gift of Nature

God speaks to me profoundly through Nature. Plain and simple. Some folks say that you can only know Divine guidance through the Bible, listening to a sermon or inspirational teaching, going to church or temple services, praying a certain way or time of day, doing yoga or meditation regularly, or following spiritual rituals in a [...]

Becoming a Wise Woman of Action

There is a deep knowing in our Feminine Soul which guides us in our life journey. This Wise Woman of our Feminine Soul carries us through, walks beside us and shows us direction, primal and instinctual, through our creative intuition. Our Feminine Soul is there all the way through, learning as a child, maiden, mother [...]

The Importance of the Story of Our Feminine Soul

Something has been stirring in my heart lately as I journey into the first couple of months of 2017.  I am noticing the importance of Story…our Stories…specifically for women, our Stories of the Feminine Soul. With the news of the upcoming June birth of my grand-daughter, Emma Catherine, I have been shifting into what being [...]

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Creative Process: The Art of Finding Inspiration

Guest Artist Blog: Sharon DiGiulio   | Intro from Susan Miller of Lighted Path® Coaching: I would like to introduce to you to an artist who inspires me artistically and as a creative entrepreneur. Sharon DiGiulio is one of those souls who just flows in her creativity and uses it to inspire so many, [...]

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Start Your Art Journaling Practice with

There are so many benefits of having a creative practice daily as I have written about many times, as a therapist, creativity coach and artist.  I am excited to introduce a new art journaling blog community I am contributing to monthly.  I will be posting my blog the third Wednesday of every month on How [...]

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Taking Time for Self-Care

Yoga nestled under the watchful eyes of the Blue Ridge Mountains Do you crave time to think, reflect,  do something you have always wanted to do, get away? If the answer is a strong “yes!” then you are like most people! Nurturing self may seem foreign to you because our society does not [...]

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Exploring Intuition through Creativity

Painting & photo property of Susan Miller. I LOVE to explore my soul with the creative process in art making. I recently had an Artist’s Date to experience International Soul Art Day 2014 with Laura Hollick of Soul Art Studio.  An Artist’s Date is a scheduled day and time dedicated to creative pursuit. On [...]

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