Mud-Walking: Navigating the Path through Transition

There is an art of how to walk in mud.  One evening I was running an errand and the only place I could park close to my destination was right smack in the muddy parking lot!  I had to think about how to park so that when I stepped out I would be in the [...]

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Living in the Power of Intention in 2015

My amazing business coach, Jennifer Lee, author of two books about entrepreneurship and the Right Brain Business Plan®, gave me a wonderful “doodle print” by Aimee Dolich that says: “The time is here for me to create my own way.  Put my heart in my art and fill it with spirit. Retreat to my spot.  Shut out the [...]

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6 Ways to Practice Mindfulness to Improve Your Life (*BONUS*FREEBIE*)

Mindfulness is a new buzz word almost everywhere!   Just what is mindfulness and how can it benefit us in our everyday life?  The definition of mindfulness is being present in the moment, in the now, and experiencing all the senses in this moment in time.  It is not thinking about the past, nor delving [...]

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Anatomy of a Healthy Risk

I have not always been a risk-taker.  I have had to grow wings.  Now when I take a risk I feel like I am growing wings and jumping off a cliff at the same time! But the view is so awesome! Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom, How do they learn it? They fall [...]

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Make Gratitude Your Attitude

Day after day, we can get caught up in the busyness and stress of life, losing touch with contentment.  We begin to feel numb and less peaceful with a negative outlook on life.  How do we get out of this murky place and into joy, peace and clarity again? Starting with the simple practice of [...]

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