Follow Your Core Values for Successful Business Planning

Have you ever felt this gut feeling that something is not right in your work life? A feeling of not wanting to work on that project or activity, or with that person or in that environment? That is your intuition telling you that what you value is not being honored. If you do not [...]

The Kaizen Way: Small Steps to Extra Large Goals (Plus FREE Playsheet)

Dream Big! Often I find myself making Extra Large Goals, Venti-sized.  Being an eternal optimist, right-brained and a big vision person; ideas, dreams and goals come in large sizes. We humans like to dream big…and should! Because of our big dreams we have walked on the moon and created the internet, only to name a [...]

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Mud-Walking: Navigating the Path through Transition

There is an art of how to walk in mud.  One evening I was running an errand and the only place I could park close to my destination was right smack in the muddy parking lot!  I had to think about how to park so that when I stepped out I would be in the [...]

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Living in the Power of Intention in 2015

My amazing business coach, Jennifer Lee, author of two books about entrepreneurship and the Right Brain Business Plan®, gave me a wonderful “doodle print” by Aimee Dolich that says: “The time is here for me to create my own way.  Put my heart in my art and fill it with spirit. Retreat to my spot.  Shut out the [...]

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Creative Process: The Art of Finding Inspiration

Guest Artist Blog: Sharon DiGiulio   | Intro from Susan Miller of Lighted Path® Coaching: I would like to introduce to you to an artist who inspires me artistically and as a creative entrepreneur. Sharon DiGiulio is one of those souls who just flows in her creativity and uses it to inspire so many, [...]

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6 Creative Steps to Quiet Your Inner Critic

Our Inner Critic can pop up in our creative pursuits, as well as other pursuits in our life. This is universal to us all, this inner critic grappling, this rolling in the mud as I call it, no matter how “talented” or “accomplished” we are. As an artist, I like to use the process of [...]

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Follow Your Creative Bliss: An Interview w/ Violette Clark

  Have you ever met someone who seems to be living their life in abundance and joy?  Someone who is authentically expressing themselves creatively?  Someone who is gratitude, funky fun, and full-on mojo all wrapped up in a person who you could hang out with for hours and hours and never run out of things [...]

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Exploring Intuition through Creativity

Painting & photo property of Susan Miller. I LOVE to explore my soul with the creative process in art making. I recently had an Artist’s Date to experience International Soul Art Day 2014 with Laura Hollick of Soul Art Studio.  An Artist’s Date is a scheduled day and time dedicated to creative pursuit. On [...]

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