Follow Your Core Values for Successful Business Planning

Have you ever felt this gut feeling that something is not right in your work life? A feeling of not wanting to work on that project or activity, or with that person or in that environment? That is your intuition telling you that what you value is not being honored. If you do not [...]

When to Hire a Life Coach

I believe in asking for help from professionals.  After all they have been trained and experienced in something that I cannot do myself, whether it is a new hair style, a deep muscle massage or a chiropractic adjustment.  Over the last several years, I have found that coaching is a professional service that I have [...]

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Make Gratitude Your Attitude

Day after day, we can get caught up in the busyness and stress of life, losing touch with contentment.  We begin to feel numb and less peaceful with a negative outlook on life.  How do we get out of this murky place and into joy, peace and clarity again? Starting with the simple practice of [...]

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What Creatures Play Around in Your Thought Garden: Snakes or Butterflies?

DESTRUCTIVE THOUGHTS are Like Snakes Destructive thoughts slither around our thought garden and steal our joy. These thoughts are  dark, dangerous, and dubious. They have to do with who we think we are,  how we think we have performed, or what bad things are coming our way because of our deficits. These snakes begin to [...]

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