Follow Your Creative Bliss: An Interview w/ Violette Clark

  Have you ever met someone who seems to be living their life in abundance and joy?  Someone who is authentically expressing themselves creatively?  Someone who is gratitude, funky fun, and full-on mojo all wrapped up in a person who you could hang out with for hours and hours and never run out of things [...]

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Exploring Intuition through Creativity

Painting & photo property of Susan Miller. I LOVE to explore my soul with the creative process in art making. I recently had an Artist’s Date to experience International Soul Art Day 2014 with Laura Hollick of Soul Art Studio.  An Artist’s Date is a scheduled day and time dedicated to creative pursuit. On [...]

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Upcoming Interview with Jennifer Lee: Secrets of Sustained Success (on May 22)

Sharing a surprise! This week, look for our upcoming interview blog release on May 22cd! I will be interviewing my business coach and expert support, Jennifer Lee, founder of Artizen Coaching® and the bestselling author of The Right Brain Business Plan, which has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to launch their [...]

Creative Entrepreneurs: Needing Encouragement?

Watch this video to check out some highlights from week 1 of the amazing 4th annual Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit... **CLICK HERE** to experience a F*ree virtual interactive learning event unlike any other ( I had so much fun sharing my spotlight during the live chat on April 15th with Cory Huff. This fun recap video features excerpts [...]

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The Single Woman’s Guide to Your Life Vision

What was it Like in the Old Days? When my Mother got married in the 1930s, she was given a little humorous book, called How to Get Your Man and Hold Him by a friend.  Reading this jewel of a book prompted me in thinking about “what women want” now in 2014 regarding marriage.  Being [...]

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Right-Brain Business Plan® Book Example

Hey Wonderful Creative Folks! Guess what is in this little wrapped up accordion book?   Believe it or not it is a BUSINESS PLAN for my Lighted Path™ Coaching Biz! THE RIGHT-BRAIN BUSINESS PLAN®, a book by Jennifer Lee of Artizen Coaching is the backdrop of THE RIGHT-BRAIN BUSINESS PLAN® WORKSHOP is held at Lighted Path™ Coaching Art Studio [...]

Creativity Expresses Your Uniqueness

Two lovely authors, Elizabeth Bergmann and Elizabeth Colton, in the Introduction of Connecting with Creativity describe creativity as" the energy to transform" and the "expression of a person's uniqueness."  They continue to say, "The ability to create exists in everyone. Manifesting your uniqueness is the greatest fulfillment you can have in your life." Did you [...]

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