Follow Your Core Values for Successful Business Planning

Have you ever felt this gut feeling that something is not right in your work life? A feeling of not wanting to work on that project or activity, or with that person or in that environment? That is your intuition telling you that what you value is not being honored. If you do not [...]

Secrets of Sustained Success: The Right-Brain Way

Interview with Jennifer Lee (Viewing from an email? Click here to listen to the interview.) Today I have a treat that feeds my soul!  I have always talked about the importance of having support from experts in life and business. Today I am happy to have Jennifer Lee, my business coach and expert support, to [...]

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Upcoming Interview with Jennifer Lee: Secrets of Sustained Success (on May 22)

Sharing a surprise! This week, look for our upcoming interview blog release on May 22cd! I will be interviewing my business coach and expert support, Jennifer Lee, founder of Artizen Coaching® and the bestselling author of The Right Brain Business Plan, which has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to launch their [...]

Creative Entrepreneurs: Needing Encouragement?

Watch this video to check out some highlights from week 1 of the amazing 4th annual Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit... **CLICK HERE** to experience a F*ree virtual interactive learning event unlike any other ( I had so much fun sharing my spotlight during the live chat on April 15th with Cory Huff. This fun recap video features excerpts [...]

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Tips for Restoring Work & Life Balance (*BONUS FREEBIE DOWNLOAD)

Do you feel irritable, tired and unmotivated when it comes to your life and work? Do you lack inspiration, feel overwhelmed, and find yourself procrastinating when you try to complete projects? Do you find yourself without joy, vision and purpose in your daily life and work routines? You may be experiencing burn out, the physical [...]

Right-Brain Business Plan® Book Example

Hey Wonderful Creative Folks! Guess what is in this little wrapped up accordion book?   Believe it or not it is a BUSINESS PLAN for my Lighted Path™ Coaching Biz! THE RIGHT-BRAIN BUSINESS PLAN®, a book by Jennifer Lee of Artizen Coaching is the backdrop of THE RIGHT-BRAIN BUSINESS PLAN® WORKSHOP is held at Lighted Path™ Coaching Art Studio [...]