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Living in the Power of Intention in 2015

My amazing business coach, Jennifer Lee, author of two books about entrepreneurship and the Right Brain Business Plan®, gave me a wonderful “doodle print” by Aimee Dolich that says: “The time is here for me to create my own way.  Put my heart in my art and fill it with spirit. Retreat to my spot.  Shut out the [...]

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Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child

Memories as a child at Christmas during the 60’s are precious to me.  I remember wonderful things about my family, spiritual holiday celebrations, and enjoyable creative activities. The most memorable of these used all of the senses! Christmas through the eyes of a child: Me! See, Hear, Smell and Touch Bright colors of reds, greens, [...]

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Handling Grief During the Holidays

A couple of Christmases ago, I experienced unexpected emotions related to grief. I was not aware of the load of tears I was carrying until I went to visit my precious grand-niece, who is my sister’s name sake.  My sister had passed away in April of 2009, after a swift tumultuous bout with ovarian cancer.  [...]

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