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Who benefits from Lighted Path® Creativity Coaching & Life Coaching?

  • People in life transitions wishing to catch a vision for their lives, whatever life season
  • Individuals who have “lost” themselves along their journey and are looking to find their passion/purpose and live a more fulfilling life
  • Career seekers and changers, who want to use their creative talents and abilities in a new and successful career or business
  • High School students who want to explore their interests and strengths to figure out what educational/career path they want to take
  • College age students and graduates who feel overwhelmed and want to move toward their life purpose and dreams
  • Artists, musicians, performers, and other creative folks who are interested in freeing up their creative process and living out their creative dreams, or who are wanting to grow more professionally, planning to grow their careers, desiring to move forward in their businesses
  • Individuals who are coming into the next phase of their recovery or healing work (eating disorders, healing from emotional wounds, divorce, substance abuse, trauma) and are seeking to find the self they have “lost”, finding healing and truth and vision for their lives
  • People experiencing burnout from climbing the corporate ladder and desiring to catch a fresh vision for their lives
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What are the benefits from Lighted Path® Creativity Coaching & Life Coaching?

  • More meaningful career and creative life
  • More freedom in finding what you love
  • Serving in a mission and meaning
  • Better flow in your creativity
  • More balance in your life
  • More deeply connected to your spiritual self and God
  • Experience healing and renewed hope
  • Better and more focused career and creative goals
  • Renewed excitement for your artistic passions
  • Better understanding of your creative passions
  • Victory over blocks and obstacles

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

~Marcel Proust

What can Lighted Path® Creativity Coaching and Life Coaching offer you?

  • Helps you catch a vision for your life
  • Illuminates the way to create your own path of hope, healing, career fulfillment and life purpose
  • Helps you learn how to overcome obstacles that get in the way of living an authentic life such as perfectionism, self-sabotage, fear and paralysis, procrastination and self-criticism.
  • Allows you to explore and follow your creative dreams/life goals with joy and freedom
  • Helps you look honestly at areas of imbalance in your life that are causing distress
  • Allows you to create more space for achieving your creative goals
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Susan Miller

Your coach, Susan Miller, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Creativity Coach, Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coach, Entrepreneur Coach, Professional Life Coach, and Lifetime Artist. Her passion is to help you work through obstacles that block your creative process, experience freedom in magnificent ways, enabling you to live out your creative dreams in every-day life, business/career and/or your artistic endeavors. Susan serves as your guide in the process of unfolding this path from within, teaching  you strategies to live in balance, Mind, Body and Spirit that enable you to live a more authentic, creative, and fulfilling life.

Lighting the path of your life vision, Susan will teach you creative strategies that help to:

  • Silence your inner critic
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Heal your heart
  • Express your uniqueness
  • Experience more joy and authenticity
  • Create life vision
  • Focus on lessons in the moment
  • Create intentions that will help you to soar above obstacles
  • Break down walls that get in the way of accessing your life vision and creative dreams.
  • Explore career goals as a part of your life vision
You will develop simple small steps that create a balanced approach to living.
Tackling too much at once can leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, out of breath from the climb.

With Lighted Path® Coaching’s sensible, yet  fresh and creative approach to achieving your life dreams,  you will see results sooner and experience joy and freedom in the process!

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Looking for Career Counseling and Life Coaching?

Susan’s training in counseling has also included career counseling using assessments of temperament, personality, and leadership style.  Her Creativity Coaching training has complimented this area into a more extensive process of combining life goals, creative dreams and career seeking that provides a comprehensive approach to the whole person: Mind, Body and Spirit.

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  • 8 one hour sessions
  • Sessions will be used weekly for three weeks, then customized according to your goals.

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