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I will also have a few extra supplies on hand to play with!

July 27 - Intuitive Painting & Collage: Botanical Whimsy with Winged, Feathered or Furry Friends with Susan Miller
Intuitive Painting & Collage: Botanical Whimsy with Winged, Feathered or Furry Friends

Instructor: Susan Miller

Class Code: SM190727

Workshop Fee: $120

Medium: Mixed Media

Saturday, July 27, 10:00am – 5:00pm

Journey into the creative process that will deepen your understanding and connection with yourself and your art-making. No matter what your skill level is, you will open up to the freedom of being fully in tune with your inner artist voice.

You will learn how to:

• Use different mediums in your art-making such as acrylic inks/paints, spray paints and papers.

• Build a background in layers using lots of juicy inks and paint, stencils, handmade stamps, colorful collaging and natural objects!

• Use a wide range of unconventional tools such as sticks, leaves, bubble wrap, drywall tape, scratching tools and corrugated cardboard to create dynamic textures and patterns

• Paint and collage animals, birds, or insects with botanical images in your beautiful background as a focal point of your painting.

You will go home with a vibrant painting and the skills needed to develop an intuitive creative practice that includes reflection, inspiration, color, and joy!

Supplies to Bring:

D’Vinci Wood Panel 11×14 or 14×18 (can be smooth gesso or plain wood)

Acrylic Inks (1oz bottles)

2 warm colors: yellow, orange, and pinks

2 cool colors: blues, and greens

White, dark (black, sepia, deep purple or payne’s gray) and a metallic or pearlescent color.

*Fluorescent colors are good choices for warms. I recommend either Liquitex or Golden High Flow.

Acrylic Soft Body or Fluid paints: Warm and cool colors: (at least 2)

*I recommend Golden Fluid Paints (small bottles) OR Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic 2oz tubes or jars

Sponge Brush Set of mixed sizes

2 Polar Flo watercolor or acrylic brushes (rounds of different sizes, #1, #2, #4, #6 are good options) and 1 tiny round for fine lines

Posca paint pens: white, black, gold or silver .7mm bullet point

Marabu Mixed Media Acrylic Sprays: 1 or 2 colors that you like

1 SOHO Spray Bottle

Small jar of matte medium or Mod Podge

An assortment of art papers or a scrap pack; colors and/or patterns you like


Pencil and pen for drawing

8×10 Strathmore watercolor pad (90lb is fine) for sketching, practice and a palette

I will have photo references of animals, birds, insects, botanicals, faces you may like use in your painting or you can bring some of your own. I will also have a lot of supplies and embellishments on hand to try out and use in your painting process.

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