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Welcome to the Blank Canvas Blog Hop starting September 8 through September 22 where I have joined in with 15 other artists as we each share on daily blog posts how we each start our creative process no matter what medium we use. Each day a different artist will be featured who will share their perspective of The Blank Canvas.

We will each be having contests for awesome offerings as well as FREE gifts to download. Be sure to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge of these artists and enjoy all the freebies.

Take a look at these inspiring artists and check out daily blogs that will lift your artist self to a place of curiosity and wonder. All you have to do is go to their blog on the day that they are featured. In the meantime check their websites and blogs out for cool things…you may just find catch them up to something really fun!

On September 17, I will be sharing how intuition guides me through the stages of the creative process by embracing intention, blissful play, letting go of expectations, trusting the journey even in the pain, and opening up to authentic choice, commitment and completion.

As a freebie to download, I am offering a free mini workshop, where you can learn how to make an Intuitive Soul Intention Flag. You will have step by step instructions that will guide you using simple, yet interesting and fun supplies. Intentions have the power to change our attitudes, our results and ultimately our lives. With a creative way to express your intentions you will carry it in your soul on a deeper level.

Intuitive Soul Intention Flag

You will also have a chance to win a 12×12 Intuitive Soul Intention Painting that will be customized especially for you from my Intuitive Soul to yours!

Intention Flags

So come hop along with us! My hunch is that you will leave the blog hop with a renewed sense of creative purpose, inspiration and freedom. And my Intuitive Soul says you may just win something really cool!!

Visit The Amazing Artists Participating:


  1. Karen Friedland
  2. Lezette Markham
  3. Cynthia Patton
  4. Jennyann Carthern
  5. Kiala Givehand
  6. Jan Blount
  7. Effy Wild
  8. Virginia Magruder
  9. Dariana Cruz
  10. Susan Miller
  11. Grace Howes
  12. Tori Deaux
  13. Kiala Givehand (Bonus Day)
  14. Martin Arkenstone
  15. Nicole Piar
Featured Day:

  • September 8th
  • September 9th
  • September 10th
  • September 11th
  • September 12th
  • September 13th
  • September 14th
  • September 15th
  • September 16th
  • September 17th
  • September 18th
  • September 19th
  • September 20th
  • September 21st
  • September 22nd