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Mind Body Life & Spirit:

Emotional Eating Recovery Group

Winter/Spring 12 Session Program for Women Seeking Freedom
from Emotional Eating, Weight & Body Image Concerns

February 21 – May 9, 2017 | Tuesdays 7:00-8:30pm

Join this 10/12 week journey and begin to say good-bye to old patterns of emotional eating, binge-eating, yo-yo dieting, scale watching, eating disordered behaviors, negative frustrating weight and body image concerns.

Sometimes we get stuck in patterns of perfectionism, fear, self-defeat, shame and discouragement that prevent us from living the life we desire, full of joy, energy, optimism and freedom! In the Mind Body Life & Spirit Emotional Eating Recovery Group you will learn how to let go of using food/weight as a way of dealing with emotions and measuring your value or success. By discovering what lies underneath the eating, body and weight concerns, you will begin to make the shifts you need to uproot discouragement, disappointment and self-doubt.

We will use a relevant book study, workbook activities and expressive arts strategies that bring healing to the Mind, Body and Spirit. Simple mindfulness techniques will be used to bring you into alignment with the present moment and live a more abundant life in more freedom.

This program is in 10/12 week increments, but will be ongoing so you will have the opportunity to stay longer if you desire.

Tiger LilyEmotional Eating Recovery Group

This program is designed for individuals who are experiencing some or any of these concerns.

  • Emotional eating, Binge-eating
  • In Eating Disorder recovery
  • Cycles of yo-yo dieting
  • Weight and Body Image woes
  • Stress eating and other disordered eating patterns

 Some topics included in your Mind Body Life & Spirit journey are:

  • Wise Mind: Speaking Self Compassion
  • Wise Body: Listening to Body Wisdom
  • Wise Life: Embracing Life Balance & Vision
  • Wise Spirit: Healing and Soothing the Soul

This 10/12 week program provides:

  • Guidance to help you say goodbye to Emotional Eating and live the Life you want Body, Mind, Spirit through cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness practices, expressive arts and life balance assessment.
  • Small group format offers supportive interaction in a confidential and safe environment.

The Details:

  • 12 Week Fee: $600 + materials fee for study book, reflective workbook and journaling supplies. (Monthly payment plan: $215 at the beginning of each month for three months or two payment plan at $315 each.)
  • This program is provided by Dr Miller through Miller Counseling services, PC.
  • Your health insurance may reimburse you for this program.  Miller Counseling Services is an out-of-network provider.  We will be glad to file services through your insurance as a courtesy.

Payment up front (no service charge). Payment plan is available (material fee is separate).

To register for this program call 919-848-2100.

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