Join Us @ Jerry’s Artarama in Raleigh:

May 25, 2019 10 – 5pm Intuitive Painting & Collage: Botanical Whimsy with Winged, Feathered or Furry Friends

June 22, 2019 10 – 5pm Intuitive Painting & Collage: Whimsical Faces with Botanical/Nature Imagery

July 27, 2019 10 – 5pm Intuitive Painting & Collage: Botanical Whimsy with Winged, Feathered or Furry Friends

Jerry’s Artarama
Raleigh, NC 

Fee: $120
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You will need to bring your own supplies.
Supply list here.
I will also have a few extra supplies on hand to play with!

In-house workshops coming in 2019!

Intuitive Soul Painting teaches you to:

  • Listen Deep
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Trust the Brush
  • Create with Joy & Passion

You know that little nudge that tells you this is the way to go?

How in tune are you to this inner wisdom?

Have you ever wanted to splatter paint on a canvas with abandon?  To play in the colors, making marks, using different mediums and, not a care in the world, but pure joy?  And to have something beautiful evolve from this process in a expression from deep within that you will want to cherish?

Intuitive Soul Painting is more than just a painting lesson.

It is a journey into the creative process that will deepen your understanding and connection with yourself and your art-making.

Even if you have not picked up a brush and paint since you were a child, you will open up to the freedom of being fully in tune with your inner voice when you experience this workshop!

And if you are a seasoned artist or just want to explore your artist self, you will find out that Intuitive Soul Painting will free you up to experience more creativity and joy in your art-making process.

Begin a journey  within to a playful place, a place deep inside where you have a sense of knowing who you are without the distractions of that inner critic. 

This is your intuition, your heart, the seat of your soul.

You will recognize yourself here.

Here are some lovely paintings from some of my students who have experienced the Intuitive Soul Painting experience!

Painting by Retta Ritchie     

Painting by Sheila Pai

Painting by Sharon Tessandori   

By embracing your heart as your guide, you can open up to…

  • Possibility
  • Expectation
  • Mystery
  • Creative Spirit

Painting by Susan Miller

Allowing your heart to gently guide your creative process, you will develop paintings from a series of layers and exciting techniques. You will learn to let go of any preconceived results, being in the moment fully, trusting your heart to show you the way to go.

Not only will you have fun creating glowing paintings in this workshop, you will also receive the gifts of…
  • Freedom
  • Courage
  • Whole-heartedness from listening to your inner voice

You will learn:

  • How to use different mediums in your art-making: acrylic inks/paints, graphite, spray paints, oil pastels, ink and pastel sticks
  • How to build a background in layers, starting with lots of juicy inks and paint, then with mark-making using stencils, stamping, scratching tools, cool papers, collaging, natural objects such as sticks and leaves, as well as other unique things such as bubble wrap, drywall tape and corrugated cardboard.
  • How to allow your intuition to bring forth your own personal inspired images and designs as you finish your final layers with embellishments of fabric, glitter, metallic paints and paint makers.
This workshop is not about talent, skill or rules. In fact, be prepared to jump out of the box!

The Intuitive Soul Painting workshop gives you an understanding of what the creative process is all about on a deeper level.

You will go home with vibrant paintings and the skills needed to develop an intuitive creative practice that includes reflection, inspiration, movement, color, and joy!

I will be there to help you dive into the process and teaching you exactly what you need to know to access the creative process of Intuitive Soul Painting, the Lighted Path way!!!  My passion is to teach techniques as you go along to build your painting from within and without!  And to encourage you along the way, should you hit some unexpected challenges in the creative process.
Come and join me and an intimate group of other soul painters.  I have been known to allow the studio to stay open a bit longer on both days, as the creative process flows.  So you are invited to stay later if you would like to linger and paint!

Instructor Susan Miller

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