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Intuitive Soul Painting teaches you to:

  • Listen Deep
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Trust the Brush
  • Create with Joy & Passion
Intuitive Soul Painting
butterfly dark

You know that little nudge that tells you this is the way to go?

How in tune are you to this inner wisdom?

Whether you have ever painted before or if you are a seasoned artist, this workshop will allow you to discover how listening to your intuition can move you into an authentic, joy-filled creative practice and life!

Begin a journey  within to a playful place, a place deep inside where you have a sense of knowing who you are without the distractions of that inner critic. 

This is your intuition, your heart, the seat of your soul.

You will recognize yourself here.

By embracing your heart as your guide, you can open up to…

  • Possibility
  • Expectation
  • Mystery
  • Creative Spirit

“Heart of Earth.” Painting and Photo property of Susan Miller.

Allowing your heart to gently guide your creative process, you will develop paintings from a series of layers and simple techniques. You will learn to let go of any preconceived results, being in the moment fully, trusting your heart to show you the way to go.

Not only will you have fun creating glowing paintings in this workshop, you will also receive the gifts of…

  • Freedom
  • Courage
  • Whole-heartedness from listening to your inner voice

This workshop is not about talent, skill or rules. In fact, be prepared to jump out of the box!

In this workshop, Susan will guide your experience through teaching some basic techniques of painting intuitively, using stamping, fingers, brushes, sponges , and in vibrant colors. You will also learn how to listen to your heart more closely and fully as you create two large acrylic paintings!

The Intuitive Soul Painting workshop gives you an understanding of what the creative process is all about on a deeper level.

You will go home with vibrant paintings and the skills needed to develop an intuitive creative practice that includes reflection, inspiration, movement, color, and joy!

There are three wonderful ways to experience this workshop

…..depending on whether you want a small taste of the Intuitive Soul Painting process or want a deeper experience. Just to let you know, this is addictive…so you will probably want to embrace all three of these workshop experiences.  Breaking it down for you!

  • Three hour studio session. These are studio groups where you will be painting on canvases and getting a sweet bite of the Intuitive Soul Painting process. You will discover your childlike magical wisdom and playfulness! These are designed for you to come to one session or as many as you would like. All supplies provided. Fee: $80, or grab a friend and come two for $150.

  • Intuitive Soul Painting 2 Day Workshop: One night and full day of mixed media painting on canvas/panels as you go deep into the Intuitive Soul Painting process.  An abundance of supplies for your workshop are included in your fee. Before the workshop, you will receive a supply list. You will be responsible for bringing one canvas/panel to paint on. Schedule is Friday 6:30 – 9:30pm and Saturday 10-4pm (Bring “lunch money” for lunch ordered in). Fee: $195.

    DATE of next 2 Day workshop is April 27 – 28, 2018  (8 spots available)

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  • Intuitive Soul Painting Day Retreat: One full day of mixed media painting on a canvas as you go deeper into the Intuitive Soul Painting process. An abundance of supplies for your workshop choices are included in your fee. Before the workshop, you will receive a supply list. You will be responsible for bringing one canvas/panel to paint on. These workshops are usually on a Saturday 10 – 4pm (Bring “lunch money” for lunch ordered in or bring lunch).  Fee: $125.  

And if you want even more!!!  Join me in my collaborative Intuitive Soul Art & Yoga Immersion Retreat!

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