Move Your Business Forward with The Right-Brain Business Plan® Workshop

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RBBP by Jennifer Lee

RBBP by Jennifer Lee

Right-Brain Business Plan® Workshop: Finally get your business plan done and have fun doing it!  Does the mere thought of writing a business plan makes you stressed? But you know important it is to have clear goals and action steps for your business to succeed. This workshop is designed just for you!  Instead of staying stuck and frustrated, how about having fun and moving your business forward with the Right-Brain Business Plan® workshop.

This workshop is an intensive and fun program created by Jennifer Lee, author of the bestselling book The Right-Brain Business Plan®. You will learn about a visual, creative, and accessible process to clarify your business vision, goals, and actions steps. You will even learn that you can even make it through the traditional (a.k.a. “intimidating”) parts of the plan like competitive analysis, marketing, and finances in a way that’s creative, inspiring, engaging, and expressive (just like YOU!).  You will even take home your business plan! Class is limited to 8 – 12 participants.

Photo property of Susan Miller.

Photo property of Susan Miller.

This workshop is perfect for you if…

    • You don’t have a business plan and know you need one, but doing dirty dishes, dealing with loads of laundry, or even getting a head start on next year’s taxes all sound way more appealing (ugh!)
    • You already have a business plan, but you need to breathe new life into it
    • You’ve tried to do a business plan the “traditional way” and you got stuck, overwhelmed, and lost your motivation
    • You can’t stand spreadsheets and/or numbers numb you out
    • You’re a creative entrepreneur such as an artist, coach, health and wellness professional, educator, designer, freelancer, writer, photographer, non-profit leader or all-around creative soul wanting to make a positive impact with your work
    • AND you’d be a heck of a lot happier planning your business in the same intuitive, authentic, and expressive way that you live your creative life (yes, indeed, it can be that fun and fulfilling!)

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Dr. Susan MillerJumpstart your business plan with Susan Miller, PhD, LPCS, Licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® Workshop Facilitator. Susan is a Life, Creativity and Entrepreneur Coach, Creativity Therapist, Psychotherapist and Artist.

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