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Do you feel a yearning toward a deeper understanding of yourself as a woman, a sense that something seems to be missing…something creative, passionate and connected to the very spiritual nature of who you are?

Love What Is by Susan Miller


Deep inside of our Feminine Soul, there is a yearning for a sense of belonging, a yearning for a sense of connection with:

  • Wisdom
  • Intuition
  • Authenticity

We desire to make sense of our story, our life as it has been, and want to reach out to our future as it will be.  

We want to experience all of our seasons of our life in magical and beautiful ways. Our life is divided up in Soul Seasons: Child Soul, Wild Soul, Mother Soul and Winged Soul. Through these seasons, we have many experiences, no matter our age, both light and dark moments.  We go through tremendous transitions, are gifted in many unique strengths, yet often we do not even realize our own resiliency.

To become aware of our strong story of wisdom, we need:

  • Potent spiritual practices that involve our creativity and connection with the natural world around us and God/Mission/Purpose.
  • Nurturing connections in our daily play, work, sexuality, body and relationships
  • A safe environment where we can be real, vulnerable. peaceful and validated

Wise Woman….Yes, this gift is for you!

It is time to touch the very hem of your Feminine Soul and know deeper joy, purpose and freedom.

It is time to listen in to the thread of Wisdom that weaves it’s way through your life, through all the seasons of your soul.

It is time to let Wise Woman: An Artful Journey Into the Feminine Soul open up the door to your Authenticity and Wisdom through

  • Exploration of the natural world’s loving wild messages to your soul
  • Lessons that help you understand the Seasons of your Feminine Soul
  • Art-making that expresses your soul’s truth
  • Reflective journaling that collects your Wise Woman story
woman dancing
Your e-course content is rich with:
  • New art-making techniques using natural elements and cool art supplies

  • 5 stand alone art projects, one each week along with a handmade art journal to house your artful journey reflections

  • Art-filled and Nature-inspired mindful practices you can use each day to connect with your Feminine Soul story

  • Tips and resources on how to use your intuition to guide you through interaction with the natural world around you, reflection and the creative process

  • Video Lessons; Art Instruction and Tea Time Chats with your artist guides, Lezette and Susan

  • Guided Meditations to help ground you and open you up to journaling reflections

Your story is full of rich experiences from Child to Elder.

Wise Woman Collage

As women it is easy to get bogged down with the day to day, isn’t it? We tend to feel lost in the many hats we wear. We often get caught up in the burdens that come with the many life transitions, losing touch with our grace, ease and passions.

Our Feminine Soul is always present, always available for us. We need only to turn to her for the wisdom of the many women before us, and now in us. She is there in all creation, showing us the Creator’s loving care for us through the moon, sun and stars, weather of the skies, birds and insects or the air, the animals and plants of the earth and the wildlife of the beautiful waters.


Do you want to access this Wise Woman wisdom now?

winged soul painting

Can you imagine playing with your Child Soul and creating beautiful artwork with her as she explores nature and sea shells?

Or discovering the passion of your Wild Soul as she helps you look deep into your heart to rediscover your deepest passions?

Or connecting with your Mother Soul’s nurturing care as she creates with natural elements of the earth?

And finally flying with your Winged Soul into the future using your own chosen image of a wise woman while combining wings, feathers, birds or flying insects in your mixed media art project?

This beautiful six-week journey will culminate with your own handmade Wise Woman art journal housing your artful reflections of your own feminine story. This beautiful project will continue to inspire you to practice the things you have learned.

You have an infinite power within you and your life’s story. You need only look within to gain access to your divine source of healing, creativity and growth.

Our stories are individual to each of us and yet there is a thread that binds all our stories into a tapestry of sisterhood. We each experience the Soul Seasons – Child Soul, Wild Soul, Mother Soul and Winged Soul.

Together we will dive deep into the Soul Seasons of our Feminine Soul and explore what it is to tap into the intuitive spirit and harness the earth shaking power we have when we embrace our story through creativity and connection with the natural world around us.

How Will We Connect to Our Inner Wisdom?

We wish to share with you an opportunity to go deeper into your Feminine Soul to find Wisdom from your story, to hear those messages of truth from walking the creative path with the natural world around you, listening in to Spirit, opening up to creative process, and finding the Wise Woman you are.

Our 6 week e-course, Wise Woman: An Artful Journey Into the Feminine Soul takes you on that journey.

How Will This Course Work?

The course is curated into 6 luscious weeks of journaling lessons, inspiration, guided meditation, mixed media art instruction and guidance. Each week will be a lesson themed to the Soul Seasons of our life as a woman, an art project with HD video tutorial(s), guided meditation and journaling reflections. If you want to work at your own pace you totally can! You will have lifetime access to Wise Woman: An Artful Journey Into the Feminine Soul.

Weekly Lessons
wise woman

Week 1: Wise Woman

Theme: Sacred Intuition
Inspired By: Spirit
Taught by: Susan Miller

  • Project #1: Wise Woman Folding Art Journal
  • Project #2: Wise Woman Symbols and Intentions
child soul

Week 2: Child Soul

Theme: Playful Exploration
Inspired By: Water
Taught by: Lezette Markham

  • Project #3: Flow Resin Painting

Week 3: Wild Soul

Theme: Passionate Discovery
Inspired by: Fire
Taught by: Lezette Markham

  • Project #4: Passion Configuration Box
mother soul

Week 4: Mother Soul

Theme: Nurturing Purpose
Inspired by: Earth
Taught by: Susan Miller

  • Project #5: Nurtured Nest Canvas

Week 5: Winged Soul

Theme: Confident Freedom
Inspired by: Air
Taught by: Susan Miller

  • Project #6: Taking Flight Winged Soul Painting

Week 6: Ending & Beginnings

Theme: The Rhythm of the Feminine Soul
Inspired by: The Seasons
Taught by: Susan Miller

  • Project #7: Completion –  Your Wise Woman Folding Art Journal
Beautiful Art and Creativity Instruction

You get to go deep into learning art techniques through video instruction:

  • Natural paper/textile dying
  • Making art with botanicals, feathers, eggshells, seashells, natural fibers, and other finds from nature
  • Handmade folding memory art journal
  • Using inks, watercolor, acrylics, sprays
  • Exploring mixed media such as fabric and papers
  • Using stencils and making your own stamps
  • Pouring resin & techniques
  • and much much more

course collage

You will learn more about each of the Soul Seasons of your life: Child Soul, Wild Soul, Mother Soul, and Winged Soul through 6 weekly modules that include:

  • Video lessons
  • Art-making projects with instruction videos
  • Reflection journaling prompts
  • Nature awareness exercises
  • Encouraging and Fun Tea Time Musings with Lezette and Susan
  • Resources links that encourage self-care, creativity, and healing related to that particular week’s lesson.

course collage 2

Connection with Our Exclusive Feminine Soul Facebook Community

You will also have an opportunity to be an integral part of our exclusive Facebook Community of other Wise Women who are also on their creative Feminine Soul journey right along with you.

Being in community with one another will bring a rich deep experience of connection that is so necessary for us as women. The community will be a place to share your artwork, your take-aways and your encouragements while on your journey.  This will be an ongoing Facebook community for those who take our e-course, so you can settle into good relationships with other awesome women who love nature and creativity for a long time to come!

What We Hope for You at the End of the Course:
At the end of the 6 weeks of your course, it is our hope that you…

  • Have connected with your authentic self
  • Have developed an acute awareness of how special and unique you are as a woman
  • Are more connected to nature and know how it speaks to you
  • Have developed a more rich practice of self-reflection
  • Have made art projects that express your Truth
  • Are immersed with creative practices and techniques that will continue to grow your art-making and Feminine Soul wings!

Register now at the super early bird price of $97. The price will raise to $127 soon! The Course Begins July 1st 2018.

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Do I need to be an artist or have art experience? 2017-03-29T20:45:49-04:00

Nope! Our instruction will be for beginners and seasoned artists. You’ll enjoy the playful and light hearted approach we bring to creative expression.

How will the course be delivered? 2017-03-29T20:41:31-04:00

The course will be hosted here on this website with a special login just for you.

What if I have questions about the instructions? 2017-03-29T20:41:38-04:00

If you have questions about the instructions, please address them to us on the Facebook page or contact us via email at mcs.receptionist@gmail.com. We will do our best to help you.

What if I want a refund? 2017-03-29T20:41:47-04:00

Due to the digital nature of this course and it’s content we do not offer refunds. If you have any questions regarding the course and what it offers please email us at mcs.receptionist@gmail.com.

How long will I be able to be in the Facebook Community? 2017-03-29T20:41:53-04:00

As long as you would like.  For as long as we keep the e-course, we will keep the Facebook Community.

What if I cannot finish the course in six weeks? 2017-03-29T20:31:42-04:00

You will have lifetime* access to your e-course, so you can take your time and work at your own pace.

*If the course were to close you will be notified via email and given access to download all the lessons and content.

Your Guides

Susan Miller

Susan Miller – Lighted Path® Coaching:
In Susan’s unique coaching and creativity therapy experiences, as well as creativity workshops blending art-making and coaching, you will learn creative strategies to silence your inner critic, listen to your intuition, heal your heart, express your uniqueness, experience more joy and authenticity, and create life vision.  Dr. Miller has a warm and engaging style with a compassionate heart.  She can help you to focus on the lessons in the moment and to create intentions that will help you to soar above the obstacles and break down walls that get in the way of your dreams.

Lezette Markham – Simply Art, LLC:
As a believer in heart-centered living, I help other artists and entrepreneurs share their gifts in a brave and authentic way. I love using my techie talents and artistic nature to help those that use their hearts and hands to bring joy, healing, and beauty to the world. This whimsical joy, this playful presence, this deep gratitude for the moment, this acknowledgment of the beauty in the everyday, this grace through challenges – this is what artful living means to me. My purpose has always been to create and inspire.

Where are you located?

Lighted Path® Coaching & Art Studio
Raleigh, North Carolina (located in North Raleigh)

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