2020 Life Visioning Day Retreat:

Celebrating, Releasing, Settling & Embracing Life through Vision Boarding

JANUARY 11 2020


Fee: $95 (Supplies included; bring bag lunch)

Presented by Susan Miller, PhD, LPCS

CCA Certified Creativity Coach & Artist

Do you want a clear vision for your life this year?  Do you want to find that balance you are looking for? You will find it within your heart.

Join in a Life Visioning Day Retreat where you reflect on your past year with celebration and release, explore the possibilities of this year and beyond through settling on intentions, and embracing what you truly desire.  All of this culminates in the creation of a beautiful life vision board that will help guide you in 2019 and years beyond.  This creative strategy of life visioning can be used as often as you want to find meaning, purpose, guidance and grounding in your life journey. I am excited to share this amazing process with you in a Day Retreat in my art studio!

Vision BoardWhat is the Life Visioning Process?

The beginning few months of the year bring reflection of where we have gone and where we are going in our life journey. First we need to spend time listening in, being honest about our past year, looking at what has gone well and what has not gone so well.  We take time to look at how our life is lining up with our values and passions, listening to our heart. From this process, we set priorities looking at all the areas of our life, and then settling on intentions to move forward with action steps for our life.

What benefits come from Life Visioning?

Time teaches us to stay away from “resolutions” and set intentions for our life instead. This exploration frees us up to feel more excited about our life and helps us to frame our actions around the way we “intend” to spend our life.  By taking this cherished time to really listen to our heart, it is so much easier to actually know what is important and stay the course.

What is Vision Boarding?

I love expressing myself through collaging vision boards. Although I make collages in my art journaling and vision boards for many reasons, I always make one special one that represents my year upcoming.  This is done in a creative way focusing on what intentions I have for my year. This creative and strategic time accesses our right side of our brains, the intuitive side that speaks in metaphor, emotion and knowing. The Life Vision board we will make will be on a large canvas board, with painted backgrounds in acrylic inks, collage materials, and embellished with unique and simple techniques.

SusanWebScarfIt is never too late to gift yourself with this wonderful day of reflection, celebration, and art-making to get your life planning off to a good start. With a focused time of creative life visioning, you will be right around the corner to a fantastic focused year!

Susan Miller, PhD, LPCS
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